s3n10r – [0] – Intro

s3n10r is a sandbox-like 2.5D RPG. Which means that it doesn’t have any clear plot like other RPG. But this game supports external plot which can be triggered occasionally or by condition.

The game is developed with libSDL. It’s pixel styled (aka 8-bits styled) and is kind like Pokemon.

The game is based on my real life EXCEPT a built-in plot that is not real happened to me. In this game you will roleplay as a senior high student and do what a student does. Attend classes, take exams, social activities, and discover the world around you. And like other RPG, you won’t get old in the game 😛

=== Technial Information ===

Nothing here. Maybe “start the project”?


s3n10r – [0] – Intro”的一个响应

    1. Sure we/I/other people will write this script. Actually this game was called ‘seniorOne’ at the beginning, but for some reason the name’s changed. Well, I hope you will enjoy this game when it’s released 😛 and would you like to join the development, please? It would be appriciated if you can do me this favor 🙂


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