dreamEworks – [0] – Let’s Make an OS

So it’s finally on. After years of sincere consideration, it was exciting for me to declare that an OS-making project is started. This series will be my journal of OS developing. Hopefully it would be useful to other programmers.

Many people think that making an OS would take, at least, more than one life. It is virtually correct, but not. If we look at this subject in a different perspective, it may seems easier. An OS, is nothing more than a program that will be loaded and executed when the computer is turned on. I believe the most of you have written a lot of programs, so this one won’t be harder, right?

There is still one thing to declare that this is NOT A Complete Guide to My OS. Because if you copied my source code, the final product would not be yours (since it’s written by me. It’s open sourced, though). This series would only contain the basic procedures, frameworks and questions that one may encounter while writing their own code. But, if you are really just want to take a peek at my code or you got stuck at somewhere, here’s the link. GitHub Repository.

The one major advantage of youths is they will not give up just because of those comments from mainstream. Good luck.



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